Microsoft Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour

The Microsoft Azure team came through Chicago and held their Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour event at the grand Field Museum. The audience was full of developers and technical folks. Old and young — especially since they loaded a bus full of students from Michigan to attend this event.

Event Takeaways

The agenda was filled with demo after demo. Scott Guthrie, Microsoft’s Cloud head honcho, led the event with showcases highlighting new features in the Azure Portal, diving into Cosmos DB, and going cross-platform across Windows 10, MacBooks, and mobile devices. The machine learning demo was a fun exercise to know that these capabilities are always at our team’s (and our customers’) reach. This jogged our brains to come up with use cases that can easily be had by our customers. Machine learning helps inject automation to data entry tasks, contact data cleanup, and organization of archived files. There were a lot of great takeaways since it was action packed.

We expected a nerd-envied Azure red shirt as swag, but sadly, did not get one. These tech events have spoiled us!

Moving Forward

Microsoft Azure is a trusted IaaS and cloud computing resource that our team uses every day.

The robustness makes our customers sleep well at night. The number of data centers and compliance certifications continue to grow. The number of flagship customers can’t be denied as well. We’d love to have customers such as Adobe or HP doing case studies for us, but we’ll help customers way smaller than that. We all can still take advantage of Azure’s infrastructure and reach.

The innovation is the exciting part for our team. Seeing the investments and the brain power thrown into cloud computing is amazing. The fact that Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Compute Engine are outdoing each will be a huge benefit from the businesses depending on this technology. We’ll always keep up with how the market continues and will attend these live events when they roll into town.

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